Hot Tub Prices

It’s More About Value Than Cost

hot tub prices

Quality spas are available in a wide range of prices. Just like cars, spa prices reflect features, materials and workmanship. Of course, we hope that as you are shopping you will consider a Sundance® spa. No matter which brand of spa you finally choose, we want you to be an informed consumer and find the right spa for your needs.

Hot tub prices vary for many reasons. Prices correspond to features, materials used and overall craftsmanship of the hot tub. Buying a hot tub is about value. What is important is that you buy a hot tub that fits your personal needs and that is well built, reliable, and well equipped for the price. Relative to your investment, look for the finest, most enjoyable hot tub.

Compare features. Then compare prices. You want a hot tub that is well engineered, has quality components, and is built by a hot tub manufacturer with a solid sound reputation and industry history. Sundance Spas celebrated 30 years in 2009 and has been recognized internationally with more awards and honors than any other spa company.

Finally, remember to check the hot tub warranty. Though a hot tub warranty is such a critically important aspect of a hot tub purchase, hot tub warranties are often over-looked in the purchasing decision making process. A hot tub is a major investment so you should make certain that your investment is well protected. A warranty is only as good as the manufacturer’s ability to stand behind it.


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