What to Look for When You Visit a Hot Tub Dealer Showroom

Here’s A Quick Checklist

Ready to make a decision about which hot tub to purchase or just “kicking the tires” on different models? After you’ve done your online research, the next step is to visit a dealer’s showroom. The professionally trained dealers at Sundance Spas are ready to answer almost any questions you have about hot tubs.

Locate a dealer near you and stop by this weekend!

Here’s how to get the most from your visit to a Sundance® dealer showroom:

1. Take in all of the different models, noting the variety of colors and finishes that are available.

2. Sit inside a variety of hot tubs to get a feel for the seating and jet placements, how the controls work, where the lights shine in and around the hot tub, and more. Seating can be almost as important as the hot tub’s size: you may choose a hot tub that seats fewer adults, as long as it has a lounge seat, for example.

3. Talk to your hot tub dealer. Sundance dealers have met a lot of homeowners over the years.  Let your Sundance dealer advise you about:

  • Financing for your hot tub
  • The ins and outs of delivery day – our dealers go the extra mile to make sure that delivery and installation are trouble-free
  • Spa supplies and accessories
  • Warranty to protect your investment, you’re set to enjoy your hot tub lifestyle for years

For more information and comparing spas’ specifications, pick up a free brochure at your dealer’s showroom or download a brochure now.

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