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7 Reasons Why One Sundance Model Outsells All Others

A Sundance Spas Facebook follower asks:

“Why should I purchase a Sundance Optima™ Spa? What makes it the best value for my money?”

GREAT question! The Optima is the best-selling model of any spa from any spa company in the world because it’s loaded with popular features, and priced for less than you would expect to pay for a spa of this quality.

      1. Style There are plenty of spas on the market that look similar to the Optima, but few have Optima’s sophistication. The fully adjustable AquaTerrace™ water feature and SunGlow™ lighting system let you select the water stream’s intensity and colored backlighting on a rotating spectrum or one-color setting. Enjoy YOUR music in your hot tub with an optional SunSurround™ Stereo System. Add music to your spa experience by playing tunes on the radio or an iPod. The watertight enclosure keeps your iPod safe while you listen to your favorite playlist. We also give you color options for the acrylic shell and SunStrong™ synthetic cabinetry, so you can mix and match to create the perfect look.
      2. Comfort Ergonomically designed seating allows you to stay in place while the jets run. By minimizing floating you can stay in the spa longer and maximize your hydrotherapeutic massage. The Sundance Optima also boasts a large and spacious footwell. People don’t typically consider the footwell until they have their first party and realize that the spa may have six seats but only enough room in the footwell for two people. Sundance also was the first spa manufacturer to recess jets in the spa shell. This adds comfort by not having the jets touch your back when sitting in the spa.
      3. Quality The Sundance quality processes include over 200 checkpoints that each spa undergoes during the manufacturing process. Each spa is tested with water twice during the process to ensure every spa that leaves our factory is ready to be delivered without any further testing.
      4. Warranty The Optima warranty includes 10-year structure, 7-year shell surface and 5-year electronics and plumbing and labor warranties, with no proration and no deductable. This gives you peace of mind. The synthetic base and a sealed bottom prevent moisture, prevent rot and decay due to the forces of Mother Nature, and keep rodents out of the equipment area.
      5. Energy Efficiency Full-foam insulation, EcoWrap and 3-layer Rigid Bond Shell keep operating costs low and the water warm. The most reliable spa shell in the industry, the three-layer process makes our shell eight times stronger than any ordinary spa shell.
      6. Pure Water The water management system consists of the Dynamic Flow pump, the MicroClean Plus filter, SlipStream Skimmer, SunPurity Mineral and CLEARRAY®. This entire system removes the smallest particles in the water to keep the water crystal clear, and easier to manage using fewer maintenance products. With our CLEARRAY unit and the entire system you will have the lowest amount of maintenance possible and more time to enjoy the spa.
      7. Patented Hydrotherapy Fluidix Technology in an Optima spa offers a wide variety of massages, from Shiatsu, Swedish and sports massage. All of the different massages are possible with use of Fluidix jets, which have no moving parts or ball bearings. There is nothing to wear out or break down, so you know that every time you enter your spa you will get a wonderful and reliable massage. The technology gives you the ability to make adjustments to water flow and pressure without interrupting anyone else in the spa by taking power away. In fact, our jets are so reliable that we offer a five-year warranty on the jet internals. There is not another manufacturer that even comes close to that kind of backing. With four different types of Fluidix jets in the Optima, you can move from seat to seat to experience all the massage types that are available.

To learn more about the Sundance Optima spa, visit your local hot tub dealer.


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