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Sundance Chelsee

Discount Hot Tubs simply can’t compare to a stylish, and affordable, Sundance® Chelsee® model 780™ Series hot tub. The Chelsee attracts smart spa shoppers Узнать больше

Discount Hot Tubs simply can’t compare to a stylish, and affordable, Sundance® Chelsee® model 780™ Series hot tub. The Chelsee attracts smart spa shoppers with its four corner seats (everyone loves comfy corner seats), each delivering a distinct type of therapeutic massage. The unique Reflexology Foot Dome with five powerful jets is another feature you seldom find in luxury hot tubs or discount hot tubs. In fact, the Soothing Muscle Therapy, or SMT™ jets and highly effective Accu-Pressure™ jets in the Chelsee give you a choice of specialized jet-massage therapies.

If you haven’t experienced the beauty of the backlit AquaSheer™ waterfall, with multicolor SunRay™ LED lighting reflecting on the sparkling water as you relax, it may be time to visit your local Sundance dealer and test the waters. You can see the value in a spa like the Chelsee when you consider that you have a choice of acrylic colors and cabinetry, plus fun options that include a built-in stereo system. The affordable Chelsee beats discount hot tubs in quality, features and service. To get more information, contact us.

Серии 780
Мест 6-7 adults
Размеры 7'4" x 7'4" x 36" (224 cm x 224 cm x 92 cm)
Спа объем 380 US gal (1,439 liters)
Всего форсунки 44 (6 varieties)

Цвета оболочки

Отделочные краски



Эксплуатационные расходы при
температуре воды 101°F*


  • Energy Efficiency

    Energy Efficiency

    Sundance manufactures high-performance, energy efficient hot tubs that are engineered to run efficiently for years.

  • Water Purification

    Water Purification

    CLEARRAY™ New for 2012, the CLEARRAY Water Purification System is standard on all models. If you have an older hot tub but want the newest technology in the water purification category, you’ll want to purchase the CLEARRAY aftermarket kit.

  • Lighting


    Dramatic spa lights set the scene. Spa lighting and color are integral parts of your spa environment.

  • Water Feature

    Water Feature

    AquaTerrace™ water feature includes colored backlighting with a rotating spectrum or one-color settings. iTouch AquaTerrace controls let you adjust lighting for waterfall and footwell.

  • Entertainment System

    Entertainment System

    Enjoy music in your spa with a Sundance spa stereo option.  Play music from your iPod, or other MP3 players.

  • Custom Cabinet

    Custom Cabinet

    Durable and UV-resistant synthetic cabinetry provides your spa with the beauty of natural wood.

  • Technology


    Inspired engineering and proven reliability in every spa. Sundance delivers the quality you expect, plus convenient and energy-efficient features.

Stainless Steel Jets

  • Designer stainless steel jet trim
  • Reflect water and light
  • Sleek look sparkles through the water
  • Factory-installed standard


  • Treats water using exclusive UV-C technology
  • No gas, chemical, or other by-products added to water
  • Neutralizes waterborne pathogens, resulting in clean, fresh, clear water

AquaSheer™ Waterfall

  • Curved edge creates a sheer “curtain” of water
  • Multicolor SunRay LED back-lighting
  • Control waterfall and footwell lighting
  • “Special effects” modes

Reflexology Foot Dome

  • Elevated and curved dome with five jets
  • Powerful massage action that you can enjoy from every seat
  • Excellent for reflexology
  • Relief for tired legs

Four Distinct Corner Seats

  • Four types of therapeutic massage seats
  • Nine-jet reflexology foot dome
  • Attractive two-tone comfort panels in headrests

MicroClean™ Plus Filtration

  • Most robust and efficient spa water filtration available
  • Filters more thoroughly in less time
  • Lasts longer; lower replacement costs

Цвета оболочки

  • Monaco

  • Celestite

  • Platinum

  • Oyster

  • Sahara

  • Sand

  • Copper Sand

  • Sea Mist

Отделочные краски

  • Coastal

  • Mahogany

  • Autumn Walnut
Мест: 6-7 adults
Размеры:* 7'4" x 7'4" x 36" (224 cm x 224 cm x 92 cm)
Вес: Сухой / Заполненный 805 lbs/4,708 lbs (365 kg/2,136 kg)
Объем спа (средний): 380 US gal (1,439 liters)
Насосы форсунок: North America (60 Hz): Two TheraFlo™ 2.5 hp (1 @ 4.5 bhp*, 1 @ 4.8 bhp*)
Export (50 Hz): Two TheraFlo™ 2.0 hp (1 @ 3.0 bhp*, 1 @ 2.6 bhp*)
Всего форсунки 44
Mini Vortex™ Jets Форсунки: 4
Accu-Pressure™ Форсунки: 17
Vortex™ Форсунки: 5
SMT™ Micro Adjustable Форсунки: 6
SMT Fluidix™ Форсунки: 8
SMT Mini Форсунки: 4
Воздушный контроль/Массажные селекторы: 4 Controls /1 Selector
Система очистки воды: CLEARRAY®
Фильтр: Two-stage MicroClean® filter, 20" Slipstream™ Skimmer
Циркуляционный насос: Yes
Электрические требования: North America (60 Hz): 240 VAC @ 40A, 50A or 60A
Export (50 Hz): 230 VAC @ 20A, 30A or 40A
Освещение: Multicolor SunRay™ LED Lighting
Струйная отделка из нержавеющей стали: standard
Подголовник: 4
Нагреватель: Stainless Steel/Incalloy 825 Heater
Водные аттракционы: AquaSheer™Variable Waterfall
Stereo: Optional BLUEWAVE™ Spa Stereo System
Цвета оболочки: Monaco, Celestite, Platinum, Oyster, Sahara, Sand, Copper Sand, Sea Mist
Отделока: Coastal, Mahogany, Autumn Walnut
* BHP (brake horsepower) is a maximum value measured by the motor manufacturer with no pump installed.
** Heater warranty varies outside North America

Dimensions, capacities and weights are approximate. Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Chelsee Jets

Experience a full range of massage types. The jets in our 780 Series Spas work effectively for a variety of therapeutic techniques.

More about our jets

BLUEWAVE™ Spa Stereo System

  • Access the playlists on your mobile device with the Bluetooth® audio
  • Auxiliary 3.5 mm input jack for MP3 players
  • USB power for your mobile device
  • FM Radio
  • Marine Grade Speakers
  • Sub-woofer for deep bass (select models)
  • Wireless remote control

780 Speakers

  • Waterproof stereo micro-speakers
  • Built into the spa near headrests for superior sound
  • Includes in-spa remote built into top of spa
  • Auxiliary MP3 jack, AM/FM radio, iPod® dock