Spa Cover Lifters & Accessories

Make It Easy with a Spa Cover Lift
A Sundance spa cover lift makes it almost effortless to remove your spa’s hot tub cover. Some spa cover lifters even allow you to tuck your hot tub cover away behind your spa while you’re enjoying a hydrotherapy session. Built well to work smoothly and efficiently, spa cover lifters are available for most spas, large or small, square or round. Besides the spa cover lift selection and CoverCaddy™, you can lock your hot tub cover into place with a Hot Tub Cover Secure, also available in different sizes.

CoverMate III

Gas shock mechanisms make opening hot tub covers very easy. The large aluminum mounting brackets, tubing and full bar construction provide superior strength. The break-proof locking system prevents your cover from being removed inadvertently, and it eliminates the problem of broken shocks. The CoverMate III spa cover lift is ideal for spas housed in gazebos or when space behind the hot tub is limited.

Item #6473-080: CoverMate III Available for all Sundance models except Solo, Tacoma, Denali and Maxxus
Item #6473-029: CoverMate III 2005 or later Maxxus models

Cover Valet

Solid metal bracket will offer you peace of mind. Powder coated, designed for long lasting convenience and strength. (image not available)

Item #6472-467: Cover Valet

Item #6473-250: Extended Brackets


The CoverCaddy is a convenient spa cover lift. Its arms cradle your cover to keep it safely behind your spa and fold away when not in use. Allow for proper clearance of 42”. Kit includes an understyle mounting system.

Item #6472-498

CoverMate I

Remove your hot tub cover with ease. The CoverMate I only has one moving part and a built-in stop mechanism so installation is simple and fast; a manual lift that has proven to be absolutely trouble-free. As little as 10″ (25 cm) clearance behind the spa is needed. Fits up to 8′ (2.4 m) spas.

Item #6473-025: Sundance spas with synthetic skirts
Item #6473-030: Sundance spas with wood skirts
Item #6473-079: 2005+ Maxxus

CoverMate II™ with Understyle bracket

The CoverMate II with understyle bracket offers a partially unobstructed view by tucking the cover behind the spa unit. Although the cover is behind the spa, a small portion of the cover will remain at eye level. The CoverMate II understyle bracket will not damage your skirt; no screws are required for installation. The CoverMate II spa cover lift requires an 18” clearance behind the spa.

Item #6473-042

CoverMate™ Freestyle

This is the convenient way to handle the round spa covers on spas like the Denali. A smart-mount base system allows you to use the weight of the spa to hold the lift device in place. Back clearance on this lift is 20″ (51 cm). The Freestyle positions the cover away from the spa so the entire spa is usable; it also adds privacy.

Hot Tub Cover Secure

The system’s heavy-duty nylon straps lock into place over your hot tub cover, preventing access to the hot tub, as well as protecting it against the elements. Available in Coastal and Mahogany, in three sizes: 12′ (3.7 m), 10′ (3.1 m), and 8′ (2.4 m).

Item #6472-108: 8′ Coastal
Item #6472-107: 8′ Sierra
Item #6473-365: 8′ Mahogany
Item #6472-106: 10′ Coastal
Item #6472-105: 10′ Sierra
Item #6473-366: 10′ Mahogany
Item #6472-103: 12′ Coastal
Item #6472-102: 12′ Sierra
Item #6473-367: 12′ Mahogany

303® High Tech Fabric Guard Water Repellent

Once your spa cover’s Sunbrella® fabric has been cleaned, you’ll want to treat your cover to help retain a water resistant surface. Water will roll right off your new upgraded cover after using Fabric Guard. Remain consistent using 303 Cover Protectant™ to assure your spa cover is protected from damaging sun and UV rays, keeping your cover operating at peak performance. Available in 16 oz. and 32 oz. sizes with spray nozzles for easy application.
Item #6473-082: 32oz.
Item #6473-083: 16oz.

303® High Tech Fabric Cleaner

Removes stains, environmental residue or spot clean your Sunbrella® cover with our fabric cleaner solution from 303 Aerospace, the cleaner recommended by Sundance and the manufacturer of Sunbrella. Removing stains and pollutants from your cover will assure a long lasting performance from your specialty upgraded Sunbrella cover.

Item #6473-084: 32oz.

Hot Tub Cover 303 Protectant

Shield your spa from the effects of weather and UV damage. 303 protects and renews your spa cover. “The Ultimate UV Protection- Like SPF 40 for your Stuff!”

Item #6472-044: 8oz.
Item #6473-537: 16oz.

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