Spa Filters for Your Hot Tub

Spa Filters are the first line of defense against unwanted particles and debris in your hot tub water. A spa filter can extend the life of your Sundance spa by working with the entire purification system to keep the water clean and clear. Easy to clean and easy to use, different types of spa filters are used for the various hot tub models.

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MicroClean Plus™

The MicroClean Plus spa filter is made with an advanced, triple-layer pleated material that provides superior filtration for crystal clear water. This efficient spa filtering system traps larger particles in the upper layers of the filter and smaller particles in the lower layers. Microclean Plus spa filters absorb oils and lotions, removing them from the water. Use with Sundance 880™ Series spas.

Item #6540-507

Microclean™ Ultra

This spa filter is the industry’s first interlocking system to provide dual filtration, which produces the purest water. The outer filter traps large particles while the inner filter traps ultra-fine particles.
You can wash out the first-stage filter to save on replacement spa filters.

Item #6541-397

MicroClean™ I Filter (Bottom Portion)

The MicroClean cartridge provides maximum filtration for crystal-clear spa water. Use with Sundance 780 Series spas.

Item #6540-501

MicroFiber Filter (Top Portion)

The spun-bound microfiber cartridge allows for ultra-fine spa water filtration. For use with 780™ Series spas.

Item #6540-502

MicroFiber Spa Pre-Filter

This disposable spa filter, or pre-filter, is designed to purify your water before you fill your spa. It reduces the total dissolved solids (TDS) from the water and increases water quality. Sundance Spas’ pre-filters are 90% efficient at removing dirt, sediment, rust, and calcium. The MicroFiber pre-filter extends filter life and reduces hard mineral deposits.

To use: Attach the spa pre-filter to the end of a garden hose and begin to fill.
Usage: One spa pre-filter is good for 1,200 gallons or 2-3 fills.

Item #6473-364

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