Backyard Hardscaping

If you’re lucky enough to be planning on adding a Sundance Spas hot tub to your backyard, hardscaping may be on your list of things to do to get ready. Hardscaping refers to the “hard” parts of the design, such as concrete, gravel, wood, etc. Plants are sometimes called the “softscape” elements, but it all adds up to a backyard landscape.

Backyard hardscaping can literally mean the spa’s foundation: the patio, deck or other hard surface where your spa will sit. You may not need to do anything but clear the way for the hot tub to be delivered and set up on an existing surface. Or you may want to set up your hot tub on grass or dirt, using a special pad for spas, and avoid special backyard hardscaping. Your Sundance Spas dealer can answer any questions about spa pads, foundations, weight-bearing requirements for decks, etc.

Another piece of the backyard hardscaping to consider is a walkway or path to the hot tub from your house. You may want to add a walkway or a path made from pavers, stones or bricks. Other backyard hardscaping ideas for your Sundance hot tub include gazebos, arbors, walls and trellises. You can pick up backyard design concepts for your hot tub at Backyard Ideas.

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