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One of the best backyard ideas you may ever have is to install a Sundance® hot tub. It’s a lot easier to own a backyard hot tub than you may think. Installation usually involves making sure you have a good foundation for a water-filled backyard hot tub; an electrical connection; and a garden hose to fill ‘er up..

Whether your backyard ideas are along the lines of the contemporary, energy-saving Elite™ Series spa or if you simply want to get more from the space around your existing hot tub, Sundance Spas can help.

In our backyard ideas planning section you’ll find tips on buying the hot tub that best suits your needs. This is also where we give you details on backyard spa delivery and set up. Putting it all together lets you exercise your own creative style in planning walkways to and from the house, patio or deck location, and landscaping around your backyard hot tub. Besides being a valuable resource for planning and installation questions, your Sundance Spas dealer can offer recommendations for professional services, as well.

The best backyard ideas maximize the benefits you’ll get from your Sundance – therapy, relaxation and entertainment. Sundance makes it easy to love backyard spa living:

  • Sundance hot tubs are easy to maintain.
  • Protective hot tub covers and other practical accessories help ensure that your backyard hot tub is ready to use year ‘round.
  • Models are available in sizes from small to large to fit almost any backyard.

See your backyard ideas about hot tub colors, built-in spa music, waterfalls, and planters to match your backyard hot tub come to life. Get more information from our Sundance Spa blog and visit your local dealer for details.

Top 3 reasons to put a Sundance Spas hot tub in your backyard.

Owners responses* to a survey about what was important to them in choosing a hot tub:

1. Personal relaxation
2. Hot tub quality and reliability
3. Therapy and pain relief

Try a Sundance at your local dealer showroom, and get expert tips and advice in person.

* Warranty/Registration card surveys, January 2006 through April 2007.

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